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Put a ring on it

March 7, 2019BY The Pillow Company Team

A standout among our smash hit napkin rings is the Goldesia Napkin Ring . A metallic beam of spokes with a tar stone in the inside. It is an excellent piece that is cautiously high quality by craftsman. Its spokes are independently welded and twisted to make its shape. Metallic paint is hand applied to add luster.

Goldesia Napkin Ring
Goldesia Napkin Ring

consider the napkin ring as the pièce de résistance of your table. The completing accent that can either represent the deciding moment your setting. It is with this premise that you should put extra thought on the napkin ring you will use.

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Napkin Ring 

Lucky for you, we’ve designed multitudes of napkin rings in every entertaining style and theme. We have everything From frozen wintry glamour to seaside chic. From great chinoiserie to mid-century roused.

Placemat Napkin Ring

We have napkin rings enlivened by star groupings and some that resemble dainty blooms. (We also have a variety of napkins and placemats to pair them with.) Similarly as you would play around with your adornments, so should you with the napkin rings on your table.