Know More With Our FAQs

 What is a baby shower/wedding/gift registry? 

A baby shower/wedding/gift registry is a service that lets you curate a wish list of presents that will add value and joy to your life. You can then share this with friends and loved ones to make their gifting process easier and more cherished.

How do I create my The Pillow Company Gift Registry?

To create your registry, sign up/log in to The Pillow Company .

Go to the GIFTS option on the top header and click on Gift Registry.

Next, choose an option – Wedding or Baby Shower or Birthday – for which you want the registry. 

Proceed to set date, and then enter name and shipping details.

After this, your registry will be created and you can add products to it. 

Can I update my profile details entered upon creating my registry? 

Once submitted, the details provided by you cannot be changed .

Can I create a registry in-store too? 

The Pillow Company Gift Registry is an online-based service and is valid only on our web boutique. For any assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at

How do I let my guests know about my registry?

For an existing registry, go to My Account My Gift Registry > Manage Registry and click on ‘Share Link’. For first time users, once your registry is created, there will be a link generated which you can copy-paste and share with friends & family via email or WhatsApp (on mobile). 

How do I manage my registry?

You can make changes to the date, product quantities and styles. Please note that once a single quantity of the desired product from your registry is purchased, you will not be able to delete the purchased item. However, items can be deleted before they are purchased. 

Are there products that cannot be added to a registry?

Most items can be added to registry. However, e-gift cards and products marked as ‘pre-order’ cannot be added to registries at this time. 

Can I return/exchange the gifts purchased from my registry? 

As a policy , we do not offer any returns/exchange unless something is delivered damaged .Pls refer to our returns policy.

Can I get personalized recommendations or one-on-one consultation for my registry?

Our team would be more than happy to help you. Please feel free to write to us at  for assistance. 

Will my registry reflect purchase details? 

The details on products purchased from your registry are updated and reflected within minutes. However, you cannot check who the purchaser is. If you would like details on the same, you can reach out to our customer support at